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Solar Process-Heating System for your Factory!

TAQA MISR introduces to the Malaysian market high quality solar water heating technology that services different needs and covering wide range of scales from residential stand-alone system for Bungalow or terraced house to residential central system serves large complexes. On the other hand TAQA MISR is specialized in the provision of central Solar water heating systemsfor commercial projects such as hospitals, sports complexes, and industrial facilities providing high temperature hot water needed for indus-trial processes.

1) VULCAN Heat Pipe (Small Scale & Large Scale)


Uses the latest vacuum tube and heat pipe technologies to provide the most efficient solar water heater that is capable of heating water up to a very high degree in a very short time.



2) VULCAN Double Tank (Small Scale & Large Scale)


Uses two inner tanks (pressurized and non-pressurized) to provide the most efficient solar water heater that is capable of heating water up to a very high degree in a very short time.



3) VULCAN Flat Plate (Small Scale & Large Scale)


Uses Thermosyphon Solar Water Heaters closed loop (indirect heating) with heat exchanger can provide a low price system and high efficiency performance of heating water.





Vulcan Heat Pipe Model and Double Tank Model are the second-generation evacuated tubes or “Vacuum Tube” technology that provide the most efficient SWHs which is capable of heating water up to a very high degree in a very short time. Vulcan Flat Plate Model with Thermosyphon SWHs closed loop (indirect heating) with heat ex-changer can provide a low price system and high efficiency performance of heating water.

TAQA MISR introduces its branded solar water heater VULCAN in two types:


Vulcan HP with heat pipe & Vulcan DT with double tank. Both heaters:


• Reduces CO2 emissions and electricity consumption.


• Heats water up to very high degree in the least time possible (highest temperature in the industry).


• Provides a large amount of hot water available for use anywhere in the house either bathrooms or kitchens for different purposes.


• The highest participation rate of solar, which reduces the use of backup electric heater.


• Eliminates the need to install heaters in the kitchens and bathrooms, which saves interior space, and keep aesthetics.


• Safer than electricity and gas heaters with no risk of suffocation or electric short circuits.


• Keeps hot water for long times for night use, thanks to the 5.5 cm thickness insulation layer surrounding the Vulcan heater tank.


• Comes with 5 years warranty and distinct support services from TAQA MISR, with its background market leadership in renewable energy solutions in Egypt.



TAQA MISR Design, Engineer, implement and support large-scale water heating solutions for commercial applications such as domestic hot water use for labor, process heat, power generation or air conditioning. These systems heat large volume of water up to thousands of liters of water.

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