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Roof Repair, Water Proofing and Heat Retaining


An all rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on all roof types.


With superior multi-directional strength and elongation properties, our four-inch PolyCore is suitable for seams, while our six-inch PolyCore works well for flashings. Forty- and forty-two-inch rolls help to cap large sections, including entire roofs.

Seam/Rivet Guard™

Seam/RivetGuard™—our popular product specifically designed for metal roofs—seals, caulks, and withstands normal thermal movement from changing temperatures and more..


RustArrestor™ is applied to metal roof surfaces prior to power washing. It penetrates and loosens light rust in just 10 minutes for removal with high pressure water. It also converts other rust to a more stable oxide making it ready for coating.

Clear & Dry™

This all-weather, siliconized concrete and masonry sealer penetrates deep within porous, untreated concrete and masonry.Designed for architectural concrete, yet ideal for many applications.

Clear Seal™

This penetrating, clear, thin primer is used to prepare porous, non-painted masonry and concrete for sealing with Topps Seal® and other coatings.

TS Commercial™

The superior moisture resistance properties of TS Commercial Grade™ guard to prevent rust on metal and provides a durable and effective shield against weathering.


Topps Seal® is the flagship of the Topps® protective roof maintenance coating line, utilizing the Topps’ exclusively formulated 100% synthetic thermoplastic technology.

TS Excel™

Topps Seal® Excel is used across all continents, including the Antarctic. It can be used on Metal, Modified Bitumen, BUR, PUF, Concrete, and EPDM roofs.


   Concrete Roof Waterproofing

  • Clean the concrete slab and parapet using water-jet.

  • Apply clear concrete sealer coat to entire concrete surfaces.

  • Fill any cracks using Polyprene® 100% liquid rubber sealant.

  • Flash the corner of parapet and concrete slab using two layers of Polyprene® 100% liquid rubber sealant 70mm width reinforced with PolyCore®  high strength technical textile reinforcement.

  • Apply one coat of TS BaseCoat™ on the whole roof.

  • Apply one coat of TS Commercial Grade™ onto the whole area as a final waterproofing.

  • For Gutter, apply two coats of TS Commercial Grade™ onto the whole area as a final waterproofing.


   Metal Roof Waterproofing

  • Remove old sealant and clean the targeted area of metal roof using water-jet.

  • Apply rust arrestor™ on rivets and limited  spots.

  • Tighten all rivets and encapsulate with Rivet Guard.

  • For metal flashing seams, flash using two  layers of Polyprene® 100% liquid rubber    sealant 70mm width reinforced with            PolyCore®  high strength technical textile  reinforcement.

  • For metal roof sheet seams, seal the          vertical seam with one sealing coat of        SeamGuard ® applied with airless sprayer.

  • Apply one coat of TS BaseCoat™ on the whole roof.

  • Apply one coat of TS Commercial Grade™ onto the metal roof.

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